Calango is a small design studio from the heart of Amsterdam.
Working on big and small projects at the intersection of direction,
graphic design and motion design.
Always with love and precision. Since 2006.

Jeroen Krielaars


Calango is led by motion director / designer Jeroen Krielaars. Working with a trusted network of freelancers, Calango is able to work on projects of all scales. The approach is build up of three elements. Those elements rarely stand alone and mostly overlap quite a bit. They are well integrated and form the holy trinity of Calango.



First we look and listen. Then we give direction. From the heart and from the head. Good integration of your experience and our point of view are key to create outstanding work. Whenever necessary we orchestrate illustrators, animators, designers, cameramen, sound composers and actors.


A clear sense of aesthetics is at the core of our design process. We keep it simple, strong and consistent, but appreciate a touch of spontaneity. We make rules and break them here and there. A strong love for geometry and typography are large influences on our handwriting.


Motion is the fourth dimension that makes our work stand out. Motion design and graphic design are seamlessly integrated in our creative process. From branding to commercials. For TV, online or on stage. We make it move in a surprising and elegant way.


Calango is located along the Amstel river in the centre of Amsterdam.
For any inquiries, please contact Jeroen Krielaars at
+31 6 52676985 or

Staalkade 6 sous
1011 JN Amsterdam
The Netherlands


A Dairy of Dutch Design

Korea, 2015

IdN Video 18-4 & 22-2

Hong Kong, 2011 & 2015

Creative Business Cards

China, 2015

Los Logos 5 & 7

Germany, 2010 & 2014

Computer Arts 167, 192 & 231

UK, 2009, 2011 & 2014

Computer Arts 203

Korea, 2014

Logo Talks II

China, 2014


Spain, 2012


China, 2012

Logology 2

Spain, 2011


South Korea, 2010


USA, 2010

Globe and Mail

USA, 2010


USA 2010


Commarts Typography Award

Typomad 2014, Opening Titles
USA 2016

ADCN Awards, Gold

Typomad 2014, Opening Titles
Netherlands 2015

Commarts Typography Award

Franchise Animated
USA 2015

Screenings & Exhibitions

Designs Of The Year

Franchise Animated
Design Museum, London 2015

International Motion Festival

Akzidenz Grotesk Animated
Cyprus 2015

Graphic Design Festival Breda

SNS Reaal Jaarverslag
Museum Of The Image, Breda 2012


Behance Portfolio Reviews

The Netherlands 2015

BTK - Dynamic Type Symposium

Germany 2015


Spain 2014

High On Type

The Netherlands 2014

Graphic Design Festival Breda

The Netherlands 2012