About Calango

Calango does three things. Calango does them with love and craftsmanship. Those things rarely stand alone and mostly overlap quite a bit. They are well integrated things that form the holy trinity of Calango. Those three things are:

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We ask questions and answer questions. We uncover problems to solve together. We grow concepts and guard those concepts. We have ideas and give direction. To brands. We extract good stories to tell. We orchestrate illustrators, animators, designers, cameramen, sound composers and actors.
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Design - read more

We keep it simple, because that is mostly the best. We shape brands. Extend branding into motion design. We experiment. We trash ideas. We keep it consistent, but appreciate a bit of spontaneity. We make rules and break them here and there. We illustrate, craft and are practiced in the art of typography.
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Motion - read more

We animate. In 2D and 3D. We move things fluently. To engage and to clarify. We keep it short and relevant. For TV, on stage or online. We calculate because we like it systematic. We add character.
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Calango loves to assist brands and agencies by doing those things with them or for them.

Who is Calango?

Calango is a small independent motion design studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Calango is lead by Jeroen Krielaars and works with a vast network of trusted freelancers from all over planet earth to add even more disciplines if neccesary.



Staalkade 6 sous info@calango.nl
1011 JN Amsterdam +316 5267 6985

The Netherlands



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Selected Publications


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- Logology 2

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- IdN Video

- Los Logos Compass

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- The Globe and Mail

- FastCo Design

- Computer Arts 167

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